Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few days ago Martha Lever posted the fabulous beads she made and it reminded me of the ones I did 5 years ago, or more, in a class that I took in Saluda NC with Sherrill Kahn...We painted and stamped fabric, tore it into strips and rolled it around a straw to create these beads...I did hundreds of them and made a few necklaces to sell and the rest of the beads got lost in my studio...I hunted them down after I saw Martha's post.....The photo is of a necklace I made years ago.....I let my daughter wear it yesterday and she sold it right off of her I will make a few more and start a Etsy shop.....and "maybe" that will happen!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

All Norah's Art class

First, this is not a great photo shot of this piece...In true, it is not as orange as it appears here.......Second, I think I will add some color to the "napkin" florals......But I finally got the chance to finish some of the pieces that I started......I have a couple more to paint for Sharon's (Norah's) class.....I get to play all weekend...Yah!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gouache Resist

I did this "gouache resist"technique some time ago and have been hunting through my books/magazines for the artist that did it.....i found it very interesting ...i tried it and really liked it....You draw your picture on watercolor paper....i drew mine with pencil then out lined with pen and then erased the pencil....then i gave it a wash of watercolor just to color the then use white gouache (generously) to cover the whole picture except for the lines of the drawing..(time consuming)....let dry and then cover over the gouache and lines with black waterproof ink.....let dry and then take it to the sink and wash the ink and gouache off...gently....I used my fingers .let dry..... you are left with a very interesting piece that you can then color with your medium of choice....My profile picture is done with this technique also....

I would love to credit the artist that I learned this from.....Has anyone seen this article???...Seems to me it was in Cloth Paper Scissors....
By the way, I titled this drawing "Don't You Dare".....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suzi's Class

I have decided to use these 2 sketches for Suzi's class...I will finish the shading and then put them on wood......I will be home this weekend and will probably be in my studio most of the time ignoring the dust bunnies that are probably

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another Sketch

This is another sketch for Suzi's Piety and Passion class......

Another WIP

Posting this here so I can remind myself of all the pieces I have going....This is one for Sharon's class that I am enjoying sooo much......It am mostly sketching now because I am not at home, with my supplies, during the week...(it is easy to pack a drawing pad or journal) ...