Monday, April 04, 2011

Nope, not a Forsythia

this bush outside my kitchen window is not a Forsythia....i have a number of Forsythia bushs on our property and this is way different ....the flower is very different.....i bought it years ago...seems to me it was a Japanesse something or other..???......sorry about the picture but i just cropped the original....

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Emelie said...

Good morning,,,Lovely spring out your window and I don't know the bush either, and I know a lot of names of growing things. So curious that I may do a search of early flowering shrubs. Have to add yellow in the search.

So much to see today, great faces, great backgrounds, and I like the way you have moved the medium around in those backgrounds.

Those arae some realy cute grandchildren also, very hugable looking, so sweet.

Thanks for the fun visit.